Episode 312: Three Tips for Healthy Restaurant Eating

Episode 312: Three Tips for Healthy Restaurant Eating

Traveling typically involves eating in lots of restaurants where we have little control over what’s available. Plus, portion sizes are likely to be much larger than you can eat, especially if you are in the US where we love our over-size portions.

On this week’s episode of Inside Out Weight Loss, learn some simple strategies that can help you stay healthy while eating out and leave the restaurant feeling great. Here are 3 of my favorites:

· Hold the fries – ask the server to substitute a heavy side dish like fries with veggies.

· Hold the cheese – opt out of heavy extras like cheese and sauce.

· Set a check point – as soon as your food arrives, set aside the amount that you think will be just enough to satisfy you. When you finish that amount, check in with your body to see if you’ve had enough. You can always eat a bit more if you’re still hungry.

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Run time: 23:52

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