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IOWL FAQ – Doc Renée


headphones blueWelcome! Here is a brief FAQ on how to download and steam the IOWL podcasts. If you have further questions, please email us at: help@insideoutweightloss.com.

Happy listening!

1. How do I download an mp3 file instead of streaming it in my browser?
If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, you can download the mp3 file by right clicking on the file link. For those of you with a Mac, to right click press and hold the Command key while clicking the link. When you right click, you’ll see a menu. Choose the “save linked file” or “download file” option and the mp3 download should immediately start.

2. How do I stream a podcast in my browser?
You can click the download button and a page will load with an audio player. The podcast will automatically start playing.

3. Can I download an mp3 to my iPad?
The iPad doesn’t allow users to download files from a websites directly to the iPad using Safari. Bummer, right? There are apps that will let you do it though. Here’s a list of apps that allow you to download content from websites onto your iPad, such as audio files or documents.

Another option is to download the files on your laptop or desktop, move them to iTunes and then sync your iPad to your laptop or computer. This will allow you to access the downloaded podcasts via iTunes.