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About IOWL Podcasts – Doc Renée

About IOWL Podcasts

podcastlogo225Inside Out Weight Loss has been iTunes top weight loss podcast since it began in 2007, with over 3,500,000 downloads to date. Don’t know what a podcast is?  It’s like a radio show that you can listen to anytime, anywhere just by downloading it to your smartphone, iPod, computer or MP3 player.

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Back in 2007, when I was invited to create this show I made a scary decision. I had been working for 7 years helping others do what I had done, end their weight struggle and become naturally slim and healthy. I had developed a revolutionary program that turned the whole diet mentality inside out, and instead espoused pleasure, enjoyment and self-compassion along with extraordinary tools for lasting weight loss.

So, with a podcast to create I wondered how much of my work I would give away. I made my living as a coach, so if I gave it away, maybe I wouldn’t make any more money.

Yet a wild whim seduced me.  I thought, what the heck, I will. I will give it all away for free. I’ll walk listeners through my whole program, one 20 minute episode at a time. And that’s exactly what I did. It seemed pretty crazy, but I knew my mission: to end the weight struggle and enable others to share their abundant soul’s gifts, and giving it all away was completely in line with that. So off I went.

Not only did I share the content of my program, but I also shared it as an experience.  In other words, I created each show to be both a healing journey in and of itself, and to share paradigm shifting information and powerful tools.  The journey is in the listening.

That was over 200 weekly episodes ago.  Along the way I have enhanced and streamlined my program, and the life-changing stories from listeners keep coming in.  I have lost count of how many beautiful souls have contacted me to tell me not just of the weight they have lost (10 lbs, 100lbs, 50lbs, the whole gamut) , but of the life they have gained. In fact, I’m currently studying their stories for my PhD in Psychology.

It’s been a beautiful journey and my heart overflows with gratitude for all those who have let me be their guide.



From: “Bev”
Date: Apr 29, 2009 2:26 PM
Subject: Re: Just want to share…I’ve lost 50 lbs.
To: “Renee Stephens”

Hi, Renee,
Here’s the photos that I said I’d send you.

The “before” pix was me when I first started listening to IOWL in Aug. I had already lost about 18 lbs. in the photo, but I that’s the only picture I have of me. I think I was 195 in the before photo.

I kept waiting for a “good time” to take a current picture of myself, but I went ahead and took a head shot of myself today, as is, at 163 lbs. I’ll send you a “better” photo of myself when I reach my goal weight. 🙂