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Welcome! We suggest you start at the beginning, Prologue: Episode 0 where you will hear Renee's personal story.  Progress through the episodes from there. If you need help listening or downloading the podcasts, visit our Downloading FAQ.

Although Renée has closed her private practice, she continues to provide these podcasts free to you, in the hopes that you will find freedom and ease through them as so many others have.

We’d love it if you’d help us grow the IOWL Community by sharing these podcasts with your friends. The stronger the community, the stronger the support for you and others like you. Thank you.

Episode 0: Prologue

Episode 0: Prologue

Renée shares how to make the most out of the free Inside Out Weight Loss podcast, and explains why she cares so much about ending the weight struggle through her personal story. Learn how Inside Out Weight Loss will make the difference in your quest to become a slimmer, fitter you.

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